Nathan Fillion Talks Typecasting – Channels ‘Anti-Hero’

Nathan Fillion

Written by Dylan Snyder
Published on Oct 20th, 2009

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Nathan Fillion, beloved Firefly star (and current fan-frontrunner to play Nathan Drake in the forthcoming Uncharted movie), recently spoke to IFC via telephone. Topics covered, sadly, didn’t actually include Uncharted.  However, in the interview Fillion does mention being drawn to bad-boy/anti-hero roles, such as Firefly’s Malcolm Reynolds and Castle’s Richard Castle.

IFC: “Speaking of Whedon, the only villain I’ve known you to play was Caleb on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Do you feel you’re ever typecast as the nice guy?”

Fillion: “Not in the least. If anything, I’m typecast as a guy who’s maybe not so nice. He’s the hero who’s the anti-hero, or you think he’s a nice guy but he’s an adulterer. I’ve played so many roles, like a man who is married who cheats on his wife.”

While not exactly classic Drake, I’m keying in on the word “anti-hero” here folks. It seems that Fillion is no stranger to the sort of rugged charm and humorous disposition that make Drake such a likable character.  Consider this interview one more little nudge in the right direction of getting Nathan to play, well, Nathan!

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Hey guys,

Dylan: Yeah, I heard the good news concerning more Castle-episodes! :) That really made me happy for I always look forward to Mondays now which is rather strange - it being the start of the week and all. But Castle managed to make Mondays great. Besides which, Katic and Fillion seem to have so much fun with this show. From what I could gather from interviews and the like.

Chris: Well,back then he didn't have a lot to do due to the writers strike, if I'm not mistaken.
If Castle had to go on hiatus because of that... I have no idea how long shootings of big films take but I can imagine that he'd be pretty occupied for a year or so and that Castle wouldn't take that so well. :<

We shall see who they pick for this role. Maybe someone new. I always like to watch films with actors I don't know yet. And I mean, getting the role of "Nathan Drake" would be something to be rather proud of.
Now I want to replay U2:AT again... Heh.

Thanks for the replies! :)


I dunno...
Fillion is an excellent actor and I both love Firefly and Castle but he's too old for Nathan Drake. Besides which, I want him to make more Castle! That show is the only one I watch right now so I'd hate to see it end too soon. :(

And that aside, I wonder whether the original cast would like their characters taken away from them... ._.


Well kath, not sure if you know about this or not, but Castle was recently extended to a full, 22 episode second season from the 13 episode shortened season it was before.

This means more Fillion on TV, which can only be a good thing!


Hey Kath, thanks for the comment!

I attended the Comic-Con panel for UNCHARTED 2 this July and that question came up about the voice-actors playing themselves... Of course, each of them said they'd love to play their part, but they're not expecting it and would understand if other actors were cast. I'm sure they'll be involved with the movie's production in one way or another.

As for Nathan Fillion and Castle, it's not uncommon for actors on shows to film movies and not affect production... the biggest example this Summer was Zachary Quinto's role as Spock in the new Star Trek film. Heroes fans didn't miss him at all because he's not off the show!