So much Uncharted 4 news…!

Game Informer has a lot of Uncharted 4 info! Here is a spoiler-free* summary.

*While every care has been taken to remove all spoilers, some small ones may remain.

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Elena Penny Drops

Nobody puts Elena in a fridge

The theory that Elena Fisher is to be harmed or threatened in Uncharted 4; A Thief’s End is prevalent. Here is why we think it won’t happen, and why we think it shouldn’t happen.

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Welcome Henry Every. “You’re a PIRATE!”

This is everything we know about Henry Every; the central historical figure of Uncharted 4; A Thief’s End.

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borneo (1)

Charted; Demeanours and Misdemeanours.

Chapter one of Nathan Drake’s ‘biography’.

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Nate All Tied Up

New feature. Charted; Demeanours and Misdemeanours

Introducing Charted; Demeanours and Misdemeanours – a fictionalised biography of Nathan Drake.

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Indie movie Uncharted: Whence the Devil Came released

Iron Horse Cinema’s Uncharted indie film is here. And it is good.

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Spoiler riddled run through of Uncharteds 1-3, Pt 2.

Our spoiler filled re-cap of the Uncharted stories continues with Uncharted 2; Among Thieves.

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Francis Drake

Spoiler riddled run through of Uncharteds 1-3. Pt 1.

If you have a PS3, but not a PS4, or just want a recap on the Uncharteds to date; here is part one.

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Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley chat to Game Informer

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley were interviewed by Game Informer. Here are the most interesting points made.

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So there’s been some Uncharted 4 stuff going on

If you thought we hadn’t been paying attention this week…

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7 7s of Uncharted; we grill Taylor Kurosaki

Taylor Kurosaki (former Naughty Dog) proves he is an excellent sport by answering 7 questions that we posed.

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