Amy Hennig is no longer a Naughty Dog

Amy Hennig is no longer at Naughty Dog. This is terrible news.

Read Full Article » Mar 5th, 2014

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Naughty Dog and Open World Games

A fan asked about the possibility of an open world game from Naughty Dog, and they replied.

Read Full Article » Jan 3rd, 2014


Is there a place in Uncharted for a good gay character?

Is there a place in Uncharted for a good gay character?

Read Full Article » Dec 5th, 2013

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Family Gamer TV takes a look at new Uncharted

Andy Robertson of Family Gamer TV takes a look at the Uncharted teaser trailer and gives his thoughts.

Read Full Article » Nov 28th, 2013

Not the villain

Probably not the face of the Uncharted villain

Have you seen ‘the leaked face of the Uncharted villain’? We look at why we think it isn’t.

Read Full Article » Nov 26th, 2013


Amazon’s placeholder release date is a little alarming.

Amazon thinks Uncharted will be out on the PS4 some time after we think it will be out…

Read Full Article » Nov 19th, 2013


Uncharted on PS4. Who are we expecting to see?

There have been lots of characters so far in the various Uncharteds. We all have our favourites, but Uncharted 4 can’t possibly use them all…

Read Full Article » Nov 18th, 2013


Whose was ”The Voice’?

Who was The Voice in the teaser for Uncharted on PS4? We look at some of the theories that are doing the rounds.

Read Full Article » Nov 16th, 2013


Welcome Henry Every. “You’re a PIRATE!”

This is everything we know about Henry Every; whom we believe might be in Uncharted on the PS4.

Read Full Article » Nov 15th, 2013