Does the UNCHARTED Movie Screenwriter Shakeup Spell Trouble?

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Written by Chris Fullman
Published on Nov 24th, 2009

Chris is a contributor and Founder of All Things UNCHARTED

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz about the replacement of the forthcoming UNCHARTED movie adaptation’s screenwriter. Back in June when the movie deal was first announced, screenwriter Kyle Ward (who wrote the upcoming Kane & Lynch, Hitman 2) was placed in charge of adapting the existing story behind UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune into a blockbuster film.

Now, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer appear to be all-but-certain to replace Ward as the film’s screenwriters; the duo, who previously penned the screenplay to the 2005 Sahara film and the upcoming Conan reboot, are the apparent choice between Sony’s Columbia Pictures studio and producer Avi Arad.

It’s great to see Sony and Avi fast-tracking the development of the UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune movie, but as we’ve seen with video game-turned-movie adaptations, the history of fast-tracking this material is quite risky. Some games need a lot of work during their progression to Hollywood, and some games with already-strong stories often get watered down or changed significantly before they hit the theaters.

Is there any reason to fear about the movie’s ultimate quality with this shakeup? We don’t think so, and given Avi’s respectable list of movies, and Naughty Dog’s admitted trust behind his experience, we agree that UNCHARTED is indeed in good hands.

What do you think, does this screenwriter-swap cause you to worry, or is it just a part of the game/business? Let us know in the comments below.

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