UNCHARTED1 & 2 are on PSN; we get nostalgic

I'll take something other than brown, please...

Written by Bryony Stewart-Seume
Published on Jun 26th, 2012

Bryony is the Senior Editor for All Things UNCHARTED and contributor for ThisIsMyJoystick.com. She owns WeAreTheLastOfUs.com. Uncharted would be her specialist Mastermind subject.

UNCHARTED; Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves are now available via the PSN, and in celebration of this fact we asked you to reminisce about your feelings and fond memories of those early games. Some of you responded; I assume those that didn’t were either lost in a nostalgic trance, or had disappeared off to fire up your PS3 and replay Drake’s Fortune.

I got the ball rolling by telling you that my lasting memory of UNCHARTED pre Drake’s Deception is that of Nathan in the treasure vault in Drake’s Fortune. [MILD SPOILER] He has come upon the body of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake, whom he believes has simply died before reaching his potential of ‘greatness’. Disappointed and broken, Nathan removes Drake’s ring from around his neck and leaves it with the skeleton, while muttering the words “he wasted his life. So much for ‘greatness’.” The scene is so poignant that it still makes me well up.

Following this admission, you began to respond; the majority of your love went to the ending of Among Thieves. However, you were not in agreement as to what it was about the end that warmed you the most. @artdanner admitted to finding Nathan’s phobia of clowns highly amusing, while @ChristiniPanini told us that it was Nathan’s fear for Elena and her predicament that meant the most to her. [SPOILER] Nathan carrying Elena up the steps and out of Shambhala in the manner that he did showed us just what she means to him. (I also suspect it showed even Nathan himself what Elena means to him, although I doubt he would ever admit that.)

Another interesting response we received came from @boomerangmouth; he cited the reveal of the U-boat to be just about his favourite point in all the games. It is a lasting image, for sure. It sets a standard for surprise, and scale that UNCHARTED has never shied away from. I can remember also being delighted by Nathan’s obvious sense of mischief and fun; Sully was suspicious and unsure about exploring the sub, Nathan teased, but let him remain on the cliff-side.

Unsurprisingly my search for Drake related nostalgia yielded love for the train sequence from UNCHARTED 2. I feel certain that this will go down in videogame history and will be one of those advances in technology and design for which the industry will always be grateful. It also meant cover tactics had to be rethought; how many times did you get shot, thinking you were safe, only to realise the curve in the track rendered your position utterly useless?

One final thing that I will confess (and this is quite an admission (although I won’t admit to thinking Nate was a bit of a dick to start off with)) is that I almost. ALMOST. Permanently rage-quit UNCHARTED; Drake’s Fortune in the generator room with the Spaniombies. It is true. Thankfully I eventually worked out that they didn’t appreciate a shotgun in the face, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have enjoyed this bout of nostalgia, and it isn’t over yet. If you feel like sharing, just let us know what sticks with you the most with regards either of the first games. You can do so via Twitter, Facebook, or by leaving us a comment below.

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