Haven Season 3 has some great guest stars


Written by Bryony Stewart-Seume
Published on Jul 6th, 2012

Bryony is the Senior Editor for All Things UNCHARTED and contributor for ThisIsMyJoystick.com. She owns WeAreTheLastOfUs.com. Uncharted would be her specialist Mastermind subject.

It was announced last night that Season 3 of Haven; the successful SyFy series starring UNCHARTED’s own Emily Rose, would feature two very special guest stars. You have probably guessed, but in case you can’t; yes, Nolan North and Claudia Black (Nathan Drake and Chloe Fraser) will each grace the streets of Haven, Maine. The two guest spots will be separate, so we will not be seeing Nathan, Elena and Chloe (sorry; Audrey and two unnamed characters) on screen together. Claudia’s spot will see her in two episodes, but it seems as though Nolan will only feature in one, presumably because he is quite busy working on UNCHARTED 4*.

The potential for in-jokes is vast; a friend of ours; Thomas Tan, commented on my personal Facebook feed that he “hopes to God that Audrey and Nolan’s character have to cross a bridge together”. This alone would make my day. I’d also like to see some reference to the uneasy relationship between Elena and Chloe made, or possibly a reference to her posterior as that seems to be a common lasting impression of Chloe Fraser.

I don’t know whether Claudia or Nolan’s characters will be afflicted, but it is fun to speculate, isn’t it? I wonder whether Nolan will have to manage going through life having the roads and buildings he walks on crumble beneath his feet. One of our Twitter followers suggested everything he touches should turn to shit. I can see that getting messy. And smelly.

Haven season 3 will air in the US on Sept 21st and probably a little later in the UK. (Dang. I am in the UK.) Don’t miss it! Read more about it here…

*This is wishful thinking; no announcement of the sort has been made.

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